Welcome to my Fatty Liver Disease Blog. I'm still in semi-construction mode here, so, please excuse the mess.

This silent epidemic affects 100 million Americans and most people are unaware that they have fatty liver disease.

March is Nutrition Month so it is the perfect time to take a look at what is on the end of your fork. Are you eating foods that are good for your liver? Or are you causing your liver to be stressed out and not function optimally? It is so important to take care of your liver.  Your largest and hardest working internal organ performs ~ 500 jobs in your body. So please do it a favor and perform the job of eating whole minimally processed foods and cutting out the CRAP (Cheap carbs/Chemicals, Refined grains, Artifical sweeteners, flavoring & coloring and Preservatives) and take care of this amazing organ. 

NOTE: : The 8-Week NAFLD Detox Boot Camp: Starts in April/May 2021. To keep the course more personal, I am only accepting the first 20 students who enroll. Because I am Pre-Selling this course, it will be offered at the Special Price of $175 USD until March 31, 2021. Once the course is fully launched, it will return to the regular price of $275 USD. If a minimum of 15 students have not enrolled by the course start date, I will offer a refund. However, once the course starts, there will be NO REFUND offered due to it being a digital product. For more information on who this course is for and what is included in the course, please click the button below.

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